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27 Mar 2011

Mobil Concept Paling Keren di Dunia

11.) Ford Iosis Concept

Odds Of Production: 1-to-1
Reason: Essentially the precursor to the next generation Ford Focus, like Yao Ming against Nikoloz Tskitishvili, this one's in the bag. While it may lose some of the more obvious concept car touches, like the full-roof glass and LED-lights, it'll almost certainly carry over the kinetic design-influenced profile.

10.) Rolls Royce 200EX

Odds Of Production: 4-to-1
Reason: Parent company BMW wants to take Rolls Royce to the next level by lowering the entry price. The concept version practically looks like a production car and, given the large 7-Series parts bin available to the company, we expect to see the production version before the next World Cup.

9.) Nissan Qazana Concept

Odds Of Production: 2 to 1
Reason: This Nissan crossover concept is supposed to preview the look of the next generation Micra and, possibly, a Micra-based crossover. The bulging physique may look unrealistic, but you have to remember this is the same company behind the Infiniti FX50.

8.) Infiniti Essence

Odds Of Production: 7-to-1
Reason: The hybrid powertrain and custom Louis Vuitton bags are a little silly, making us doubt production, but it's so stunningly beautiful they're going to have to build it anyways. Given the company's alphanumeric obsession the vehicle will not likely debut as the "essence" anytime soon, but we expect the "essence" of the vehicle to seep into the next generation of Infiniti products.

7.) Aston One-77

Odds Of Production: 7.7-to-1
Reason: While some of the finer points, including the hand-crafted aluminum shell, may not make it to the assembly line we think the One-77 is a good preview of the future Aston Martin Vantage. I wouldn't recommend betting against an Aston Martin coupe powered by a V12 mounted up front and painted a variation of green-sliver.

6.) Mitsubishi iMiEV

Odds Of Production: 14-to-1
Reason: While some version of the iMiEV Sport is likely to see production, we're guessing it ain't gonna be this one. If the solar panels weren't a dead giveway the Tron-tastic interior guaranteed this will live only on the stage.

5.) Koenigsegg Quant

Odds Of Production: 33-to-1
Reason: Koenigsegg is a company with a ridiculous name able to get people to buy their cars, which makes doubting them a risk. Still, a four-seat solar electric super car? While the Koenigsegg folks (yolks?) plan to have a working model sometime in the future, we're guessing sometime is so far away we Quant imagine it.

4.) Magna Steyr Mila EV

Odds Of Production: 62-to-1
Reason: If you live in Europe, or even in America, it's possible you've driven a car manufactured by Magna Steyr. But you haven't driven in one designed and branded by Magna Steyr. The Austrian firm is hoping one of the four surviving car companies decides to use their platform to build a new environmentally friendly car. Good luck with that.

3.) Rinspeed E2

Odds Of Production: 100-to-1
Reason: Rinspeed exists to tune Porsches and create exotic Geneva concepts. Despite its history we're actually going to give this Fiat 500 Abarth-based concept the highest odds ever for a Rinspeed Geneva concept: 100-to-1. Why? This concept is about the two-level, push-button power option, which allows users to switch power output based on need. It's a great idea and something we see an automaker using. We just don't see it coming out of the Rinspeed shop.

2.) Rinspeed iChange

Odds Of Production: 600-to-1
Reason: Here's the Rinspeed we know and love. The iChange transforms from a one-seater sports car into a three-seater with the help of, wait for it, a freaking iPhone! It's also got a top speed of 137 MPH and a 0-to-62 MPH time of around four seconds. At this point, it's about as likely as the Cubs winning the World Series this year.

1.) Giugiaro Frazer-Nash Namir

Odds Of Production: 99,999,000,000-to-1
Reason: This is the kind of bet you only take if you're about to die and the only way you can save yourself is to bet that last five dollars on the least likely horse. Let's start with the claims: it's the fastest hybrid ever with a 187 MPH top speed, 0-to-60 MPH in the three-second range, and a range above 1,200 miles. Neat. Does it also cure baldness?

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